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Where would you like to go?

Who's going?

Anyone enrolled in one of our Vocal Ensembles is eligible to attend the trip! We will be traveling with our orchestra program for the duration of the trip.

11-02-23 et choir concert - ra_0080.jpeg

Will I miss school?

We will leave on Thursday morning, February 29th, and there is no school that day. Friday March 1st is a late start Blue day. Other than that, no missed days!


Why St. Louis?

We went on a bigger trip to New Orleans last year and didn't want to break the bank! St. Louis is a midwestern destination with all of the big city amenities and still bring us to a different state and part of the country. 

Get ready for National Parks, Broadway shows, museums, and college music clinics!


How do I sign up?

We can accept new trip attendees until the end of this month! Sign up here.


Can I get financial help with the costs?

Yes! The trip cost is around $850 per student and we always fundraise aggressively to offset these costs in an equitable way. Reach out to Ms. Zegree if you know you'll need assistance. 

Image by Josh Appel

Are trips fun?

In a word, YES. Trips away from Evanston are often the most memorable experiences from one's high school career. The memories made on these tours last a lifetime!

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