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Advanced Vocal Ensemble (AVE) is an advanced vocal course open to students in grades 10-12 by audition. Students will study and perform a variety of classical, jazz, pop/show music and music from around the world. It is expected that students have a strong foundation in vocal performance, basic knowledge of music theory, and a history of or demonstrated leadership skills within the choral program. Students will learn music in varying pedagogical styles, including music reading and learning by rote. Creative skills such as composition, arranging, and improvisation will be explored and encouraged. Mandatory performances include Autumn, Holiday, Winter, and Spring Concerts. On occasion, students will participate in exchange concerts, trips, festivals or competitions, and other concerts. 4 credits may count toward graduation requirements. Students may repeat this course for additional credit. This course provides all students with an articulated road map to honors credit. Honors credit is recognized at the end of each semester based on the successful completion of the pathway.

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