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This school year, ETHS Choirs and Orchestras are going to...

New Orleans!

We are making plans to travel February 22-27, 2023. Any Vocal Music student interested in traveling should make plans as soon as possible. Information about payments and fundraising is below.

Payment Schedule

  • Registration - by September 23rd

  • Deposit – September 30th - $250 

  • 2nd Payment- October 28th - $250

    • (Fanny May Fundraiser Applied)

  • 3rd Payment – November 25th - $250        

    • Can no longer accept registrations/room list due 

  • 4th Payment – January 6th 2023 - $250

    • (Poinsettia/Cyclamen Fundraiser Applied)

  • Final Payment – February 3, 2023 – remaining balance TBA

    • (Cookie Dough Applied)

Image by Jason Leung
Citrus Fruits
Trumpet Player

Payment Information

We anticipate the tour cost will be between $1,300 based on the available inclusions and the total number of participants.  The payment structure is outlined below and will be paid directly to Bob Rogers Travel using their "IPS" online payment system.  You will need to use the document below to register for the trip.  Once you are registered, you can make all of your payments directly to Bob Rogers Travel through this online portal.

ETHS Fine Arts will offer several fundraisers over the next few months to aid in subsidizing your trip.  Fundraisers are tentatively listed below, so please plan accordingly.  You must make the first payment on your own, however ETHS will transfer fundraising balances at the conclusion of each fundraiser - with the intention of applying the fundraiser to remaining tour balances - to Bob Rogers travel, which will be reflected in your tour balance at the time of your payment due date.

Image by micheile dot com
Image by micheile dot com


The ETHS Music Department hosts several fundraisers each year in anticipation of big trips. Typically, the schedule is as follows:

  • September/October - Fanny May Candy

  • November/December - Poinsettias

  • January - Mrs. Fields cookie dough and cheesecake

All of your fundraised money lives in an account associated with your name kept in the ETHS Fine Arts Department.  When you fundraise for trips and graduate, move, or leave the program, that money is transferred to a general fund to be used as scholarship funding for our students with financial need.  If you have a sibling in the program - or soon to be in the program - that money can be allocated directly to them as well. 


All of our ETHS music students are encouraged to fundraise -- even if they do not plan to travel -- so as to bolster this scholarship account in an effort to assist any student who wants to attend our music tours who has financial need.  If you wish to request funding from this account to apply to your trip, or if you wish to make a donation towards this fund, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Acevedo or Ms. Zegree at any point during the payment process - the sooner the better!

Financial Aid

​The Unterman Family Fund offers scholarships to ETHS students specifically for student travel on school-affiliated tours.  Students may complete the application below and return to Mr. Acevedo or Ms. Zegree by October 1st for assistance applied to our tour to New Orleans.

Link to Unterman Family Fund Application

Image by Chelsea Audibert
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